About Us

Our Qualifications
  • Innovative and proprietary products and services
  • Full service processor with more than 10 years’ experience in the electronic payments industry
  • Our excellent track record with merchants, independent sales professionals, financial institutions and value-added resellers to process credit and debit cards, checks and other non-cash payment methods
  • Committed to assisting clients and partners with strategic business growth and success
Mission Statement
  • To assist our partners, clients and employees with products, services and technology to grow and develop beyond expectations in the payments industry
  • Operate a world-class sales organization
  • Deliver the highest level of service
  • Provide secure and reliable technology
  • Establish market-differentiating products
  • Provide information that is usable and actionable
  • Offer best-in-class risk management
  • Recruit, train and invest in the highest-performing talent
Corporate Culture

The entrepreneurial-inspired corporate culture fostered by company leaders and the company mission statement inspire Star Financial Services, Inc employees to consistently put their best effort into doing their jobs.

The objectives outlined in the mission statement are also the foundation for employees’ annual goals and performance reviews. This clarity of purpose makes it possible for every employee to understand his or her individual role in serving our customers, and fosters a congenial and team-oriented work environment.

Star Merchant Payments is Growth

Star Merchant Payments is about growth. Our near-term and long-term company goals include plans for new products, expansion into additional business channels and continued development of cutting-edge technology.

We are also committed to helping our customers and partners grow their own businesses. And we encourage our employees to expand their knowledge of our business by continuing their formal education and taking advantage of our innovative internal training programs.

Pride, personal empowerment and complete commitment to customer service — that’s Star Merchant Payments.

Star Merchant Payments is a wholly owned subsidiary of Star Financial Services, Inc one of the largest providers of secure payment processing in the Baltimore Washington DC area. Offering merchant services and products that can help businesses of all sizes and industries grow and prosper. We offer tailor-made solutions to merchants and service providers, financial institutions, independent sales professionals and referral/reseller partners.